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    Hellsing: Seras Victoria (Live Action Movie) Truth or Rumor?



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    Hellsing: Seras Victoria (Live Action Movie) Truth or Rumor?

    Post by Gormag on Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:21 pm

    This is what I have found.

    There is a trailer that supposedly got leaked. Which would make one think that its truth.
    megaupload.commegaupload.com 74FVB7X0 5MB

    There is even a supposed qoute from the director.

    "... this focuses on Seras' origin story and her entry into the Hellsing Organisation and it will be shot in England. I can't say who we are casting as the lead, but she looks exactly the part and everything about the story is as true to the originating material as can be. It will be very dark and gritty, mixed between something like the Russian film Night Watch and the feel of the american film Constantine.

    My goal is to make this very real feeling, and to ground all that seems unbelievable in some sort of reality. You'll dig it, I promise"!

    Someone even said the Directors name was "Marty Martin"

    And I even found a poster for the L/A movie

    However there is someone who talked to Taliesin Jaffe who had this to say

    This came out last April, and in Aug I talked to Taliesin Jaffe (English writer/director of Hellsing OVA’s) and he said that this was pitch to do a live action movie, which was rejected, and the company didn’t have permission to do this but notbody was in trouble (no one will be sued). Thou he (Taliesin) said it would be cool to see Helling live. Oh well maybe someday!

    So what are your thoughts? Truth or Rumor?

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